1969   Became a Japanese modern dance follower of the late Seiko Takada.
  Selected as "Miss Shibuya" sponsored by The Tokyo Newspaper Company.
1970   Entered Tokyo Theatrical Art Institute.
1974   Established a modern ballet studio. (Tomuro, Atsugi-city)
1981   Studied in Paris, France at Paris National Ballet Institute from Professor Alain Davezne.
  Danced on Paris International Music City Ballet Music Concert.
  Danced at Theater Cantre Mandapa.
1983   Invited to Paris from Dance Organization A.F.M..Taught modern dance at Paris University summer session.
1985   Studied the technique of Martha Graham.
1986   Choreograph and performed "The Legend of the Snow".
  Choreograph and performed "The Waterfall of Death".
  Became a judge for "Akita National Dance Festival Modern Dance Competition".
1987   Choreograph and performed "The Paintings of Glass".
1988   Choreograph and performed "The Rain Tree".
Sept. 22 Held Erika Akoh Dance Recital.Choreograph and performed "The Mirror's Vision".
Nov. 3-9 Performed at the dance festival "La Semaine de la Danse" sponsored by Paris Number 11 district.
Danced two performances,"Season/The Flow of Time" and "The Memory of Death".
From these performances, the general manager, Madam Jocelyne Meunier admitted me to "Salon de la Danse".
1989   Choreograph and performed "The Shining Morning Dew".
Sept. 29 Choreograph and performed "The Poem of A Flower".
Oct. 7-16 Recommended from Madam Jocelyne Meunier to perform on "The Sixth Salon de la Danse", joint sponsored by City of Paris and Paris Number 16 district.
Performed an hour solo dance,"The Poem of A Flower".
1991 Oct. 27 Performed "The Divine World", on "The Seventh Salon de la Danse" with my first son Kanichi Segawa Received great recommendation from the follower of Isadora Duncan, Madam Madeleine Lytton, to extend my artistic work to Europe.
  Received a "Prime Minister Award" at the Akita National Dance Festival Competition.
1992 Dec. 6 Choreographed "To Live This Moment" for my first son Kanichi's Paris International Dance Competition.
1993 Jan. 30 Rennes Ballet Company in Japan. Performed "La Folle De Chaillot" by the leading role of Maia Plissetskaia.
Exchanged views on dance with Gigi Caciuleanu and his ballet company.
Sept. 18 Performed with my two sons, Kanichi and Kanji on Salon de la Danse "Tchaikovsky 100th Anniversary".
Performed "White and Black" at the Grand Amphitheatre Des Arts Metiers and became more deeply associated with Gigi Caciuleanu and other dance performers.
1994 Sept. 23 Held "The Poem of A Flower 2".
Broaden my perspective by the performance "Great Nature/The Flow of 'Ki' (The Energy Flow)".
1995 Sept. 13,14 Held "The Poem of A Flower 3".
Dec. 25 Held "Solo Recital".
1996 April Visited Greece. I was introduced to Professor Alkis Raftis,president of the International Organization of Folk Art through Madam Madeleine Lytton and got acquainted
Aug. 18,19 Held solo recital of Akira Kurosawa's "Rashomon".
1997 May. 16,17 Held solo recital of Tri and Toshi Maruki's "The Hiroshima Panels".
I'm studying yoga, kiko, tai chi chuan, and various types of methods which would be combined into establishing my own expression, 'Ki' of the Universe","The Energy of Nature" It is not classical ballet, modern dance, buto, nor play.
This is my original way of expressing myself to show the ultimate beauty within the dance.
Therefore, from this perfomance I have named "Theater Movement=Dramatic Theater Dance", and pursuing onward with my career.
Jul. 9-13 Participated at 11th Athens International Conference on Dance Research.
Performed "The Hiroshima Panel" showed Expression without any movement for 12 minutes by just standing in one place. [Even in small theaters or open air theater audience] "Ki" was perceived by everyone.
1998 June. 4-5 Aoyama Circle Theater performed "The Hiroshima Panels".
Jul. 1-5 Participated at 12th Athens International Conference on Dance Reserch. Performed "Sansho Dayu". The sorrow of the mother was expressed when the mother and son was separated. And dramatically showed the hope to live.
1999 Jul. 7-11 Participated at 13th Athens International Conference on Dance Reserch. Performed "Adachigahara Kurozuka".
2000 Sept. 8-10 Participated at "Variation in a Foreign Land III" at New York Pace Downtown Theater. Choreographed three performances and received compliments by; "Rashomon" performed by Elizabeth Roxas (former Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater principal dancer); "Orpheus" a duet by Elizabeth Dement (Peridance Ensemble) and Kanji Segawa (my second son who is with Ailey II); "Memories of Fire" by Kanichi Segawa (my first son who is actively performing in France) and Kaori Segawa (my daughter) and two of my students.
2001 May. 2-7 Participated in "International Choreographers Contest" which was held in Novosibirsk; Russia. Had choreographed 2 performances, "The Legend of Adachigahara" and "Escape for Hope"; danced by my daughter, Kaori. Nominated to the finals on a modern dance category among 125 perfomances, "The Legend of Adachigahara" was to be awarded as one of the 4 final performances. The dance was highly praised as "Neo Classic" among the panel of judges with their specialty in the classic ballet.
2003 March Choreographed "Orpheus" for Kaori Segawa, Novosibirsk State AcademicBallet (NSAB) principal dancer-Evgeny Grashchenko, and five dancers from NSAB commemorating "The International Woman's Day" performed at Novosibirsk Opera Ballet Theater.
October Choreographed "Toward the Future" for 3 students to compete on the contest at "2nd Nextreme 21 Dance Showcase" and received The Best Dance Award which was held at Tokyo Rokoukai Hall.
November Participated at the New York Dance Alliance Los Angeles Preliminary Competition. Received Best Choreographer Award; Gold Award for "Finding OZ" performed by three of her students; Platinum Award for "Whisper of an Angel" and "Dream Garden" performed solo by her student and Gold Award for "Challenge Against Time" also performed solo by her student.
2004 July Received Overall Second Prize, Best Choreographer Award, Best Costume Award, and Platinum Award at the New York Dance Alliance Final Competition which was held in New York City. Platinum Awards were given for the two performances, "Dream Garden" and "Whisper of an Angel".
2005 February Choreographed and performed on her 30th Anniversary Erika Akoh International Dance Concert. Currently pursuing her dance career to be extended further around the world.
October Participated in the 19th World Congress on Dance Research in Cyprus, premiered "Kaguya Hime" performed by Kanichi Segawa and Kaori Segawa
2006 August Organized the concert in Atsugi City, performing "The Hiroshma Panel" with guest dancers and musicians from France and Canada
October Participated in the 20th UNESCO Dance Congress in Athen, Greece. Presented a work with guest artist, principal dancer from Novosibirsk Opera Ballet Theater, Evgeny Grashchenko, and Elenoir from France. Erika also conducted a workshop with them of "Ki&Dance".
2007 May Kaori Segawa won Silver in the professional contemporary category in Europe Dance Contest in Croatia. Her student also won gold in the Junior Category.
July Kaori Segawa won Gold and Silver, and the student won Gold and Bronze in the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, CA.
2008 May Presented "The Lovely Concert" with live Jazz music performed by Masato Muto. The original dance musical "Annie" was presented as well.
Premiered "Pray", "Memories" for Kaori Segawa, presented in the "Meet the Colabo Series" Vol.1 in Nippori, Tokyo
September The 2nd Erika Akoh International Dance Concert at Atsugi Bunka Hall in Atsugi City presenting guest artists from 10 countries. Erika, herself performed in her new work "The Poem of the Earth" along with her three children as well as the guest dancers.
2009 March Presented "Spring Dream Concert" in Atsugi City
May Premiered "Happiness Melody" co-choreographed with Kanichi Segawa, presented in the "Meet the Colabo Series" Vol.2 in Nippori, Tokyo
September Presented "Happiness Melody" in the Erika Global Dance Theatre Concert at Atsugi Bunka Hall in Atsugi City.
December Presented a world premiere musical, "A Bird and a Boy" in the Zama Performing Arts Festival. Directed by Yoshiyuki Kojiya, choreographed by Erika Akoh and Kanichi Segawa, with music by Naoko Ichikawa
2010 April DRAMA MUSICAL 3rd edition Exchange Festival. Title "The bird that can't fly is like the boy that so desires to fly" in Yamato city, Kanagawa.
Author & stage director Yoshiyuki Kojima.
Director of Theater Company "TOMARICON"
Composer & Piano player Naoko Ichikawa
Choreographer : Erika Akoh, Kan-ichi Segawa
Song Teacher : Miyuki Asano
2011   Erika Akoh appointed as president CID-UNESCO-TOKYO by the Central office CID-UNESCO Paris in November. CID-UNESCO-TOKYO was then born.
2012 June 27th to July 1st CID-UNESCO World Dance Congress in San Marino.
Ki and Dance by Erika Akoh
Breath and Dance by Kan-ichi Segawa
  1. Genji's Women from the Genji story. Choreographer Erika Akoh Dancers are Erika Global Dance Theater.
  2. From Genji story "Murasakishikibu" : Choreographed by Erika Akoh & Kan-ichi.Danced by Erika Akoh, Kan-ichi, Kaori Segawa & Ayaka Manabe.
  3. "Nouveau Voyage" choreographed by Erika Akoh & Kan-ichi. Danced by Erika Global Dance Theater.
  1. Urayasu city / Chiba prefecture. In remembrance of Tohoku grand Earth quake. Festival"Love" Choreographed by Erika Akoh and danced by Kaori Segawa. "Nouveau Voyage" choreographed by Erika Akoh & Kan-ichi. danced by Erika Global Dance Theater.
  2. World Dance Festival in Akasaka public theater. Title is "Genji's Women" from Genji story. choreographed by Erika Akoh danced by Erika global Dance Theater.
2013 April 29th World dance day observed by CID-UNESCO-TOKYO at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel in Urayasu-city Chiba.