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Since January 15, 2000

Welcome to Erika Akoh Global Dance Theater

Erika Akoh Global Dance Theater is a dance company directed by internationally acclaimed choreographer, Erika Akoh.

During the 36 years of Ms. Akoh's career, she has brought appreciation, admiration, and inspiration with her original expression of beauty through her dance "Theater Movement" performances to many people around the world including Salon de la Danse in France, International Dance Conference in Greece, New York City in the United States of America, Novosibirsk State Academic Ballet in Russia.

In 2005 Erika Akoh Global Dance Theater held the first International Dance Concert with many guest dancers from all over the world to commemorate Ms. Akoh's 30th Anniversary of her dance career in Atsugi City, Kanagawa, Japan. The 2nd International Dance Concert, held in 2008, was a another great success.

The ultimate mission of Erika Akoh Global Dance Theater, is to be a cultural bridge between Japan and other international countries by providing performances, workshops, outreach programs and other educational activities.

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