About my art


The fundamental of my art is based on "Truth", "Goodness", "Beauty", "Love", "Hope", "Peace", and "why". This concept is never to be changed through my production activity and teaching my fellow students.

Formerly, I was a theater actress before I became a dancer. Therefore, my dance is not just abstract but expressed beautifully and yet in a more dramatic way to describe myself. East and West, Japanese historical dance and ballet, buto and play; there is no limit in my dance. It is my ideal to be recognized by the people around the world and give full impact to them.


The dance that I had produced such as, "The Poem of a Flower", "Le Rayon Celeste","Noir et Blanche", were made through my drama in life. And in conclusion, I named this way of dance, "Theater Ballet", and had performed them. But a couple of years ago, I was involved in the expression method of 'Ki' (the power within yourself) and had danced in this way. It is not only technique or form but it comes out from the deepest soul of myself. In order to be widely accepted by many people and to give full impact to them, I thought of using 'Ki' which is my original way of expressing myself.

My original expression

It is not classical ballet, modern dance, buto, nor play. I am trying to produce my original way of dance. This expression method has no longer been appropriate for the name "Theater Ballet", so from this performance, I have renamed into
"Theater Movement=Dramatic Theater Dance".

My dance production method

I use my experience to let my imagination flow and write a poem. Find good music, produce and create dance.

Find out what I really want to produce, create a technique which is important for my expression.

Have in mind the beauty of form, rhythm, air and space. Listen to the music many times, let the rhythm flow through the body, and reach a higher level of perceiving freely along the line.

What I study to accomplish this:
  • - always have a soul to perceive something.
  • - listen to all kinds of music.
  • - esteem myself by paintings and sculptures.
  • - reading (poems, dramas, history, newspapers, magazines).
  • - observe nature and the universe.
  • - cherish the people that I meet.
  • - pay close attention to my life.
  • - keep an eye on myself.
  • - never fail to do the body training (practice ballet techniques).
  • - yoga (meditation, breathing method).
  • - continuously moving the body into a form of beauty to be carried out in an expression.