Profile of Erika Akoh

ERIKA AKOH (Theater Movement)

Erika Akoh is a Japanese born dancer, choreographer and the artistic director of both Erika Akoh Global Dance Center and Erika Akoh Global Dance Theater. All of her three children are dancers who are internationally accalamed professionals, Kanichi in France, Kanji in USA and Kaori in Russia.

Ms. Akoh is the last follower of the Japanese modern dance pioneer, Seiko Takada. She also studied dance with Yoshimi Yo, Shoko Imaoka, and Alain Davezne.

Since the inception her school in 1974, she had produced many dancers, winning competitions throughout Japan as well as internationally.

During the nearly 35 years of her career, Ms. Akoh has created many ballets that gained critical acclaim. She is consistently regarded abroad in the dance scene. She has brought about appreciation, admiration, and inspiration with her original expression of beauty through her dance performances to many people around the world including Salon de la Danse in France, International Dance Conference in Greece, New York City in the United States of America, Novosibirsk State Academic Ballet in Russia.

Her technique is exceptional and she has the beauty in a dramatic form. She portrays expression so vividly that her original way of dance is named "Theater Movement" in which "Ki" is the significant factor.

She is praised by many distinguished dance artists and scholars. To name a few they are: Dora Stratou Theater President, Dr.Alkis Raftis; Madeleine Lytton who was the follower of Lisa Duncan (the follower of Isadora Duncan); general manager of Salon de la Danse in Paris, Jocelyne Meunier; Dancer Gigi Caciuleanu; Artists from Alvin Ailey company;and Russia Novosibirsk State Academic Ballet Company.

In 2003, she was the first Japanese to have ever choreographed a modern contemporary piece for the Russian National Ballet Company. She created her ballet "Orpheus" that was an honorable accomplishment.

In 2005 Ms. Akoh held the first International Dance Concert with many guest dancers from all over the world to commemorate her 30th Anniversary of her dance career. The 2nd international Dance Concert, held in 2008, was a another great success.

Ms. Akoh is the member of CID UNESCO since 1996.