Profile of Kaori Segawa

KAORI SEGAWA (Theater-Movement)


Kaori began her modern dance training with her mother Erika Akoh. She studied classical ballet from Yoshimi Yo, Kan Horiuchi, Kaori Horiuchi,Kazuko Okamoto, and Nobuko Haruyama. She continued her dance career after graduating from Japan Music High School and had performed her dance in Athens,Greece; Toulon,South France; and in New York City,U.S.A. Received award in 2001 at the First International Competition for Choreographers in Novosibirsk,Russia. In 2002 performed "Orpheus" with Evgeny Grashchenko (a principal dancer of Novosibirsk State Academic Ballet)which was choreographed by Erika Akoh. In March of 2003, performed "Orpheus"(the complete version)with Grashchenko and 5 other dancers of Novosibirsk State Academic Ballet at Novosibirsk State Academic Ballet Theater commemorating The International Woman's Day in Russia. She and her mother made great achievement to have performed modern ballet on a Russian National Ballet Theater.

She had performed several dances at her mother's International Dance Concert which was held in February of this year.

july performed in "Adachigahara/Kurozuka" at 13th International Dance Conference in Athens, Greece; Dora Stratou Theater.
May lstlmid-June/June 30th will dance the performance choreegraphed by Renee Bellini PERECEVAL in Toulon, South France.

Other performances which she performed includes:"Don't put out the fire", "Brilliant Future", "Prayer", "Driven to a corner", etc,.