Profile of Kanichi Segawa

KAN-ICHI (Contemporary Dance)


At an early age of childhood, Erika Akoh(mother of Kanichi) taught modern dance to him. Later learned classical ballet from Yoshimi Yo and Kan Horiuchi. In 1992, competed at Concours International de Danse de Paris and became a semi-finalist. In 1993, went to France and enrolled at France National Conservatoire de Rennes; Superior Contemporary Dance Class; directed by Ruxandra Racovitza and classical dance class directed by Alain Davezne. In 1996, selected from audition to be enrolled for 2 years at Centre National Danse Contemporaine d'Angers (CNDC d'Angers) and was directed dance, play, and contemporary dance from Maguy Marin, Bernardo Montet, and Carlotta Ikeda. In 1998, participated on the international tour as a professional dancer and performed in China, Thailand, and Morocco. Performed for several dance companies in France and Switzerland directed by Khalid Benghrib, Gigi Caciuleanu, and Nadega Macleay. In 2004 May received a diploma authorizing Kanichi to be a dance professor from Centre National Danse in France(CND). Invited to hold workshops at dance schools in France, Japan, Italy, and Lebanon. Currently working and pursuing his own dance career by collaborating with video artists, musicians, and other dancers. In 2005 February, performed at 30th Anniversary Erika Akoh International Dance Concert in Japan.


- performed at Paris Salon de la Danse with mother. "Le Rayon Celeste".


- competed at Concwrs Int mational de Danse de Paris. "Vivre Maintenant". (Demi Finalist).

  • - performed at Paris Salon de la Danse (Les Journees Tchaikovski), with mother and younger brother. "Noir et Blanche".
  • - enrolled at France National Conservatoire de Rennes, superior class. Studied under Ruxandra Racovitza.
  • - Became a principal dancer both in and out of school.
  • - Received silver prize at the school's year-end concours.
  • - enrolled at Conservatoire de Boulogrre.
  • - Studied under Alain Davezne (classical ballet principal professor) who also taught Erika Akoh(mother) in 1985, when she was in France.
  • - Participated as a dancer of Compagnie Gigi Caciuleanu. Performed in many stages in Paris and nearby cities.
  • - Received Gold prize at the school's year-end concours.
  • - enrolled at Centre National Danse Contemporaine d'Angers=CNDC d'Angers. Graduated in 1997.
  • - enrolled at Rencontres Internationales de Danse Contemporaine d'Angers=R.I.D.C..
1998 November-1999 January

- Created dance with Moroccan choreographer Khalid BENGHRIB (dancer of Carolyn Carlson). Danced in Rabat; Casablanca in Morocco, Institut du Mend d'Arab, and Regard Cygne in Paris as a member of Khalid's Compagnie Hors Champ.

  • - February Danced in Lorgue, South France on David Lerat's Compagnie Alois performance.
  • - June Solo performance in Paris, Sens Festival on Bruno SAJOUS's new performance "Numen".
  • - September Art director of the festival; performed in Confidanse and in Paris; Theatre des Songe.
  • - October Created solo dance with choreographer Renee Bellini PERECEVAL for the performance in Toulon, South France.
  • - January Performed at Max Luna's performance in Nancy, France with younger brother Kanji Segawa as a selected member of Alvin Alley American Dance Theater.
  • - Currently in contract with Renee Bellini PERECEVAL and Khalid BENGHRIB producing performances in Paris, the Alps, and foulon, France.
  • - In mid-June Will dance with Khalid in Morocco. Immediately following Madame Renee's performance on June 30th at Toulan's Theatre Comedia. *In this performance, younger sister Kaori Segawa will be performing.